There are many marketers worldwide and marketing has recently increased whereby sellers advertise their products to the buyers. Through marketing, governments have been generating income and most people are earning a living through marketing. Technology has widened up marketing channels; there are social media marketing, email marketing , search engine marketing , among others. Currently, email marketing can help to increase the rate of reaching customers who do not use social media and blogs and thus can get enlightened about a certain product through email This essay will discuss the 2018 tips or solutions to email marketing.

The following are the tips;

Client’s Evaluation

For the marketer to get more customers, it will be important to think about the clients’ values and differences. This will involve, learning about what they value and like most to capture their attention. For example, when sending a marketing email to Chinese people, the marketer should learn about their like and hate for different colors. In China, a black color is a sign of misfortune while red is associated with good luck. In this case, the marketer should send emails labeled in red or any other impressing colors.

This will be a tip to capture their attention for what is being advertised in the email which would motivate them to open such mail and in the process may be interested in eth advertised product. The same case applies to other people worldwide. Another example involves, if the marketer is intending to sell something in a country in Africa, he/she should be self-oriented to learn more about the African culture, what they value, their customs and beliefs and so on. If for example, one wants to sell clothes, he or she should look at the way people dress based on their culture and religious beliefs. Learning about customer’s differences and values will help the seller to send emails of products they use leading to more buying. It also saves the seller form wasting time and data bundles to send emails advertising products to some people who don’t use them depending on their beliefs and culture.

Paying Attention To The Email Header

The marketer should ensure that the heading of the email attracts the intended people’s attention. He or she should use phrases in bold and in larger fonts compared to the inner content. This tip is meant to win the reader’s attention. People like interesting topics which are straightforward and direct to the meaning. The marketer should use few words heading but delivering the message to the customers. The heading which is too long with lesser fonts will be ignored by most of the readers. They might not even bother to open such as email because they are straining to read which means that the advertised product or services will be read by few email users. Thus, marketers should apply this tip to increase the number of readers of their advertised products in the email. Applying the technique will help to increase the number of viewers who might be interested in the services or the products thus, maximizing the number of sales per day.

Selecting The Best Email Services Providers

As a marketer, it would be important to conduct a research which website you would choose to deliver your emails to the targeted customers. Also, most of the email services providers are professionals, not all of them are reliable. Thus, it would be up to you to evaluate the best email service provider for you to ensure that the targeted groups get your emails. This will ensure that there are efficiency and effectiveness of marketing emails and the marketer will only need to wait for the customer’s reply. Lack of delivery of email messages would hinder good business performance and the seller may lack enough clients for the marketed products. It will also cause disappointments to some marketers who may give up on the career because they think customers do not respond to their messages. To avoid such circumstances, it would be good for you to be enlightened about ESPs to be sure that your emails get to the clients.

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Authentication Of The Domain

As the seller, it is important for you to keep winding up and refreshing emails constantly to check on new emails. Also checking on spam inbox will help the marketer notice any message reply from the customers. By following this, the seller will avoid losing a customer who had ordered a certain product only to notice when it is too late. Also, it is ethical to respond to clients’ messages in time and avoid ignoring them. This will ensure that there is good communication between the marketer and the seller thus, creating a good image which would lead to winning of more customers. This tip will also help one client to create awareness of a certain product to friends, family members, thus having more customers.


In conclusion, email marketing has rapidly increased due to advanced technology. Email marketing is a good opportunity to market your products because there are many people who use their email daily but are not so much into social media. Application of the discussed solutions/tips will help to increase efficiency and effectiveness in email marketing.



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