Digital Marketing Step By Step Guidelines For Business/Website Owners

marketing goal

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Research And Set Audience Goal

Knowing your real audience and what they highly expect from you, the kind of challenges they are likely to be facing and what you are supposed to do in order to help them will help you to come up with set well-personalized approach goals in your digital marketing strategy. In order to set achievable audience goals, you need to research for the right content. The search console and Google Analytics gives the product managers information on how the audience finds the stores of our products and their reactions upon their arrival.


The Ad manager and  Facebook Insight explains the interests, location, age, various behaviors and the relationship status of our customers.  We can also get to know what customers think concerning our products and company as a whole through the listening tools from social media. We use these tools to unearth understanding about the psychographic and the demographic profiles of our audience. By so doing we get to understand what is more interesting and most important to our audience. These tools make use of the stored data and also from the accounts connected. Examples of these tools include Kit, Sokrati Shops, Instagram Ads, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads etc.


Why People Chose Your Product/Website?

There are quite many products online with good deals. Most of the customers tend to purchase their products online due to the time factor. They just buy the products from various online sellers at the comfort of their homes or business and sometimes the products are delivered to them saving a lot of their time. Convenience is another reason since no waiting in line, no driving all the way to the store and no worry of the opening hours.


A mobile website option attracts many customers. This is because it offers ease of access to your online store by use of any device. A good website should be mobile compatible.  All the features should be made available to all the users. Also, various online photos and image options capture the attention of the customers and highly influence online buyers to take an action.


A well-detailed product description website is much accepted by the audience. It helps them learn more about the products they are about to buy and assist them in making the right choices of products. The products should be explained vividly and have an appealing content to stimulate the buyers to inquire more about the product or ultimately by the product. These details include facts such as the weight, expiry date, manufacturing date, size dimensions and practical uses.


An online store should offer products or services efficiently, it should fast check the guests to avoid long queues which waste time. This will attract many online shoppers. It should also avoid registration of buyers before purchasing the products.


Websites that offer advanced and easy navigation and search functions attract many customers. It should provide an easy and clear flow of shoppers to follow. They should get the things that they require at the moment by the use of the search option that gives the online customers suggestions of what they want to buy

content is king

Content is King

Content is very key in digital marketing because it drives every activity carried out. It updates your customers on the social media and also allows you to offer something valuable to your customers through paid search ads and in emails. Great content educates and inspires the audience. It helps them to trust and view you as a good source of valuable information.


Great content creates loyalty because customers who often read your content e.g blogs feels much more connected to your products as compared to those who view you as just a website or a business logo.


Content also brings along dialogue. Your content opens up a conversation between you and your audience. They may begin sharing your social media posts or even comment on your posts. Through these comments, you also gain insight. It also answers various customer questions. Videos and blogs that answer your customer questions show them how much you are concerned with furnishing them with the right information. They will always like to be associated with you. Sometimes when your offer videos demonstrating how to carry out a certain task e.g. how to repair a damaged television, they will learn more about your expertise and they might contact you to do the work.


Quality and well-optimized content is of great necessity if any business aspires to make sales online. It can effectively serve as a sales pitch. By including photos in your posts e.g. photos of your workers seriously serving customers, will compel the consumers to find more about you. Good content creates product authority and awareness in the market. As many customers are exposed to the brand, it increases new leads and the number of sales.


Great content is very important for Search Engine Optimization.  Regularly published content ranks a website organically which exposes it to more of the customers searching for similar content online. It also creates authority and opportunities to establish a better and glowing profile.


Great content adds value to consumers online. This value may create a good relationship between the consumer and the brand type. It is appreciated b the consumers as it solves their day to day problems. It educates them more on the product or service by use of posts such as blogs and video guides.


Original, high quality and relevant content create traffic in a website which and it maintains consumers on the site for quite a long time. A website with only a home page and perhaps a contact page has very limited views from consumers and low level of engagement as compared to website blogs which are fully packed, they create a form of impression to the customers and they tend to visit more many pages often.


Digital Marketing Types

Digital marketing is a form of buying and selling of products and services that make use of electronic devices. There are various types of online digital marketing, they include Content marketing –


search engine optimizations
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is a process of maximizing visits to a given website by gaining traffic which is caused by the search engine returning it multiple times and ensuring that it always appears in the result list. It highly affects the visibility of a website on the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) for a given set of key phrases or keywords. The page visibility is affected by the level of website position on the SERPs. In this case, payment is not put into consideration.


Search engine result pages appear to the customers every time when they are looking for a particular set of keywords by use of search engines such as Bing or Google. Each of the customers receives personal pages with results which are based on the keywords entered the particular user location during the searching time and the user’s browsing history.


Some of the major search engines mostly used are the Bing, Google, and Yahoo. WebPages and videos are ranked and shown according to content the search engines considers most relevant to the customers.


How Search Engine Works

There are many ways on how the search engines work. This includes by use of algorithms to calculate and analyze the importance of a page to a search query. Google, for example, assigns every webpage with a PageRank and in case another website happens to link to your site, some PageRank is passed to you and the more the PageRanks, the more trustworthy you will be to your customers. Some of the major algorithms used by Google search engine are panda, penguin, RankBrain, and hummingbird. Search engines also make use of spiders or the bots across the web to crawl multiple pages.  They do so by following page links found on the web. Then they store the collected information into the index. During ranking, the search engine gets the pages which match with the customer’s search query and then displays the most important information to the customer after the sorting process.


Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO is a process and not a project. This process is broken down into six steps and the various activities involved in each step are explained.



Keyword research is the identification of a set of phrases which are to be used in SEO. This step is very key and it requires quite some time to find the right set of keywords that are mostly used by the users and that has low competition among the search engines. When you enter a given keyword, the online tools returns all the various ways that a particular word has been used by the searching customers in the past months in a large extent.  We also carry out thorough competitive analysis in order to gauge the starting position of the client’s site against that of their competitors and also establish areas that need more emphasis.


Reporting and Setting Goals

Achievable goals are set after establishing a starting position of the site within the search engines. Goals are important to every SEO plan. They should be measurable and closely related to specific objectives of the site. From then, follow up is done and progressive reporting and analysis towards the already set goals done. From these progress reports, adjustment can be done towards the SEO plans if need be.


Building the Content 

In SEO, well optimized and engaging content sets you apart from the crowd by helping your business to command a better ranking in any Google search. Search engines use this content in terms of text and in large volumes. Great content that is interesting to the users makes them have a feeling stay and keep revisiting your site. The main reason is that they are fed with your information and they get to learn in depth as they desire. There will be much of information to store concerning your products and business. This will also raise your site ranking for keyword phrases that are related. A large volume of indexed content is essential to rank yourself better thus increasing your competition power.


Page Optimization

In page optimizations, there are some very important optimization basics that every digital marketer needs to understand.

Page titles ought to say something other than just welcome. They should explain the targeted phrase and the name of your company should follow.  Since the search engines do not read images, it is advisable to make use of text navigators which will be followed by the search engines in order to make sure all your sites are well indexed with important product and service-related sub-pages.  Site maps should also be included with a list of links to the important pages. Cleaning up the code is also important. This is done by ensuring that the CSS and javascript codes are put into external files where each of the site pages is referenced. This improves your site ranking and relevancy rating.


Social and Link Building

In this phase, we establish the right social media for the clients and consult them on how to use those profiles of their social media more effectively to share the content and connect with potential customers.


Follow up Analysis and Reporting

Reporting that was done at the very first stage of the campaign is done again now but in post optimization regularly. The results e.g. rankings and social signals are compared to the pre-optimization metrics.


SEO techniques/strategies

Domain name strategy 

This is by ensuring choose a domain name that will certainly increase your ranking rate. This is made effectively by choosing a keyword which is best for your business, using locations product names and the advertising terms.


The Linking Strategies

The text contained in the links should have keywords and the more the links inbound, the greater the ranking.


Keywords strategy

Keywords are defined as words that often appear on a web page. Your site is indexed according to your keywords. Keywords should not be the common words like “is”. They should be balanced, rich and readable. These keywords are chosen by the spider and then sent to the search engine.



It Leads to Potentially minimal effort to guests. There are no media costs for promotion show or clickthrough.

Dynamic. The web index robots will creep the landing page of prominent destinations day by day, so new substance is incorporated generally rapidly for the most mainstream pages of a website (less so for profound connections).


In spite of the focus on reach and minimal effort of SEO, it isn’t clear as these impediments demonstrate:

Lack of consistency. Contrasted and other media SEO is exceptionally questionable as far as the arrival of a new venture is concerned because it is difficult to foresee what comes about for a given speculation.

The outcomes from SEO may take a very long time to be accomplished, particularly for new locales.

Complexity and dynamic nature. The web indexes consider many components, yet the relative weightings are not distributed, so there isn’t an immediate connection between’s promoting activity and results it is a greater amount of a craftsmanship than a science”. Besides the positioning elements change with time.

Ongoing speculation. Speculation expected to keep on developing new substance and produce new connections.

Poor for creating mindfulness in the examination with other media channels. Searchers as of now must be acquainted with a brand or administration to discover it. In any case, it offers the open door for less outstanding brands to punch over their weight’ and to create mindfulness following clickthrough.


ppc marketing
PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click

It is an internet advertising model used to guide activity to sites, in which a publicist pay a distributor; normally a site proprietor or a system of sites) when the promotion is clicked.

Pay-per-click is generally connected with first-level web indexes, (for example, Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads). With search motors, promoters regularly offer on keyword phrases applicable to their target showcase. Conversely, content destinations generally charge a settled cost for each snap as opposed to utilizing an offering framework. PPC “show” ads, likewise known as “banner” promotions, are appeared on sites with a related substance that have consented to indicate advertisements and are ordinarily not pay-per-click publicizing. Informal organizations, for example, Facebook and Twitter have likewise embraced pay-per-click as one of their promoting models.

Nonetheless, sites can offer PPC promotions. Sites that use PPC promotions will show an ad when a watchword question coordinates a promoter’s catchphrase list, or when a substance site shows applicable substance. Such commercials are called sponsored links or sponsored advertisements, and seem nearby, above, or beneath organic results on web crawler comes about pages, or anyplace a web developer chooses on a substance webpage.

The PPC promoting model is available to manhandle through click fraud, although Google and others have executed computerized systems to prepare for injurious snaps by contenders or degenerate web designers.


Pay-per-click, along with cost per impression and cost per arrange, are utilized to evaluate the cost adequacy and gainfulness of web showcasing. Pay-per-click has favorable position over cost per impression in that it discloses to us something about how viable the promoting was.

Snaps are an approach to quantify consideration and intrigue. In the event that the dominant reason for a promotion is to create a tick, or all the more particularly direct people to a goal, at that point, pay-per-click is the favored metric. Once a specific number of web impressions are accomplished, the quality and arrangement of the ad will affect click-through rates and the subsequent pay-per-click.


Pay-per-click is computed by isolating the publicizing cost by the number of snaps created by a promotion. The essential recipe is:

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($)/Ads clicked (#)

There are two essential models for deciding pay-per-click:

  • Level rate.
  • Offer based
  • In the two cases, the promoter must think about the potential estimation of a tick from a given source. This estimate depends on the sort of individual the promoter is hoping to get as a guest to his or her site, and what the sponsor can pick up from that visit, typically income, both in the here and now and additionally in the long haul.

Level rate PPC

In the level rate demonstrate, the publicist and distributor concur upon a settled sum that will be paid for each snap. Much of the time the distributor has a rate card that rundowns the compensation per-click (PPC) inside various regions of their site or system. These different sums are regularly identified with the substance on pages, with content that for the most part pulls in more significant guests having a higher PPC than content that draws in less profitable guests. Well established sponsors can make arrangements on how to lower the rates, particularly when focusing on a long haul or high-esteem contract.

The level rate show is especially basic to comparison shopping tread, which ordinarily distributes rate cards. However, these rates are here and there insignificant, and publicists can pay more for better results. These locales are typically perfectly compartmentalized into an item or administration classifications, permitting a high level of focusing by sponsors

PPC Marketing Pros:

Capacity to set your own particular spending plan.

With PPC, you can characterize precisely how much cash you need to spend. In Adwords, for example, you can set an everyday spending plan. Once your financial plan has been achieved, your promotions will never again show for whatever remains of the day.

Target particular watchwords.

Another favorable position to PPC showcasing is the capacity to target particular watchwords. On the off chance that your site offers customized shirts, you could target catchphrases, say, “customized shirt,” or  “custom shirt,”  and so forth. This makes exceptionally focused on guests who are prepared and anxious to buy your item.

Speedier outcomes than natural hunt activity. It can take months or even a long time to rank another site high for its separate target catchphrases. Then again, PPC advertisers can in a split second place their site in plain view for any catchphrase they pick

Target particular areas.

Need to show your promotions to a particular state or city? With Adwords, Bing Ads and comparable PPC stages, you can define your locale of interest.

PPC Marketing Cons:

Offering wars.

Whenever at least two PPC promoters vie for the best advertisement position, it can transform into an expensive “offering war” or Who pays much and where nobody wins. It’s critical to center around the numbers and not to enable your sentiments to affect your promoting choices.

Snap extortion.

It’s not something that most PPC stages straightforwardly examine, but rather there’s an undeniable plausibility of snap extortion. This happens when PPC sponsors flood their rivals’ promotions with counterfeit snaps from various IP addresses,  racking up costly bills from the phantom activity.


affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing         

Affiliate marketing is a sort of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for every guest or client brought by the member’s own marketing efforts.

There are heaps of myths out there encompassing affiliate marketing, and these can as often as possible reason brands/organizations to pass on these sorts of projects. It’s vital you see some of these myths so you can settle on the right choices for the future development of your business.

Myths behind Affiliate marketing

  1. Affiliate frameworks are fast and simple to oversee

An associate advertising program is a considerable measure of work, and much of the time there’s a great deal of rivalry so you’re not going to acquire cash instantly. Entrepreneurs and business visionaries assume that all you require do is set up a site and pick a subsidiary to connect with and after that simply let it run its course. However, agreeing to Three Ladders Marketing, only 0.6% of offshoot advertisers reviewed have been in the amusement since 2013. That implies that offshoot showcasing requires some investment and push to manufacture and profit.

  1. Affiliate marketing can be incredible and fruitful.

It plainly has its favorable circumstances over conventional publicizing and advancing plans, yet it ought to be realized that there are numerous constraints as well. It is a joint organization amongst dealers and subsidiaries which keeps running on a commission premise. When someone purchases something on a site, the associate is given a commission of the benefit in light of per click, per lead or per deal.

The conspicuous focal points of member showcasing are that vendors have a more extensive condition creating more items and administrations meaning more deals. No extra time is gone through in advertising with shippers and they can acquire more clients along these lines as well. On the off chance that done accurately, knowing client needs and wants can make a knowing about market patterns which can help future deals as in the site knows how to advertise items all the more viable next time.

Alternate clear preferred standpoint is that it is a simple method to make extra payments for the two dealers and sites. Pennants create premium and do not require any sort of huge capital use to showcase and publicize certain items. It should be possible with almost no specialized aptitude and in this manner is anything but difficult to fire up.

  1. No physical association is required

Anybody can work from anyplace on the planet as long as theyy have a web association. In this setting, it can be consolidated with one’s present place of employment. It is a convenient wellspring of salary and can produce additional income without trading off one’s normal activity.

A few hindrances incorporate high commission costs brought about by traders in some cases. There have likewise been records of false and misdirecting sorts of promoting that has prompt crooked cases and furthermore objections from individuals. Traders have been known to shut down projects without illuminating the offshoots and not paying commission.

Another significant hindrance is that compensation can be very sporadic. It can’t be depended upon as a steady wellspring of wage, particularly in the event that you are simply beginning. It can likewise be to some degree unsecured. Connection robbers have been known to get paid rather than the vendor hacking into locales.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

A type of web promoting that includes making and sharing substance via web-based networking media arranges keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your showcasing and marking objectives. Online networking showcasing incorporates exercises like posting content and picture updates, recordings, and other substance that drives group of onlookers engagement, also as paid web-based social networking promoting.

Tips for Online networking and Marketing:

 Start With a Plan

Before you start making online networking showcasing efforts, think about your business’ objectives. Beginning an online networking promoting effort without a social strategy in mind resembles meandering around woods without a guide—you may have a ton of fun, however, you’ll most likely get lost.

It’s 2017 and online networking is developing at twist speed. With an ever-increasing number of individuals joining web-based social networking locales and utilizing them frequently/effectively, the web-based social networking industry will undoubtedly end up greater in the coming years. It’s blasting like never.

Indeed, the online networking wave isn’t finishing at any point in the near future. Also, your business should exploit it on the off chance that you need it to survive.

With such astounding development, each business today needs to use appropriate online networking directs in an ideal way. Not on the grounds that it’s the “in thing”, and not on the grounds that it sounds basic, but rather in light of the fact that their intended interest group is sticking around the famous informal communities. What’s more, they’re drawing in with their most loved brands and associating with them on various levels.

Web-based social networking advertising alludes to the way toward picking up movement or consideration through online networking locales.

Online networking itself is a catch-all term for locales that may give profoundly extraordinary social activities. For example, Twitter is a social site intended to give individuals a chance to share short messages or “updates” with others.

Facebook, interestingly is a long-range informal communication site that takes into consideration sharing updates, photographs, joining occasions and an assortment of different exercises.

How Are Search and Social Media Marketing Related?

Online networking regularly bolsters into the disclosure of new substance, for example, news stories, and “revelation” is a hunting movement.

Online networking can likewise help manufacture connects that thusly bolster into SEO efforts. Numerous individuals additionally perform seeks at online networking locales to discover web-based social networking content. Social associations may likewise affect the significance of some query items, either inside an online networking system or at a ‘standard’ web index.

Web-based social networking Marketing At Marketing Land

Promoting Land is the sister webpage to Search Engine Land that spreads all facets of web advertising, including these prevalent points within social media showcasing are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube

email marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This is a tool used in digital marketing that uses electronic mail to communicate a commercial message to a group of customers. Some commercial messages involved include advertisements, donations, solicit sales and adverts. This act is meant to create brand awareness to the customers, trust, and loyalty. It is also used in order to enhance good customer relationship, convince customers to purchase particular products and acquire even more customers.


Different email types are used in email marketing. They include direct emails, transactional emails, and mobile email marketing.



  1. It is the second most effective type of online marketing after the search marketing Hence greater audience.
  2. It is cheap and quite fast as compared to traditional mail. This is because no time used for creating the art, for printing, addressing and even mailing.
  3. Use of email marketing helps different organizations and businesses to understand the consumer behavior of their recipients which is more useful in the planning.
  4. It is also used to test the content of the different types of markets such as the multimedia assets.
  5. It highly targets the product fans, these are the people who have a great interest in the brand, it allows much higher level of conversation.
  6. They are also very easy to create and measure.

Email marketing has got a high response rate as compared to the standard email.



  • Some of the emails violate the law requirements and the spam laws.
  1. Unsolicited emails or spam irritates the consumers causing them to delete and even unsubscribe.


How email marketing works

This is a very simple process. It begins by planning your strategy, identifying an email marketing tool that compacts and efficiently integrates with the CRM, then you build a list, prepare a campaign, then you can send your emails as well as track and measure the performance.


Search Engine Marketing

The idea driving Search Engine Marketing is very straightforward: when a shopper or specialist looks through the Web through either a content box or by navigating a catalog chain of command, he or she is in “chase mode.”

This mental state is one of a kind since it signs to the web index (and to advertisers) that the individual is searching for data, regularly of an immediate or aberrant business nature.

Advertisers comprehend that this “chase mode” implies that the searcher might just be toward the starting, center, or end phases of the purchasing cycle. When somebody is examining an item or administration to fulfill a prompt or future need they are in a strange state: they want important data and are available to processing and following up on the data readily available, all made conceivable by a web crawler.

This makes web crawler comes about a portion of the best wellsprings of focused movement, regardless of whether this activity begins from “natural” unpaid pursuit postings or paid to promote postings.

Numerous advertisers consider web search tools as conveying the list items or SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as simply printed outcomes.

Actuality, indexed lists can be any blend of content, pictures, video, sound, or other record groups. In the United States, web crawlers don’t just incorporate Google, Yahoo, and Bing; they likewise incorporate trade destinations, for example, eBay and Amazon, and also claim to fame web indexes, for example, YouTube and Hulu for video, eatery web search tools, “individuals” web search tools, for example, LinkedIn, or online professional listings for nearby outcomes, including IYPs (Internet Yellow Pages) and locales, for example, Yelp, Angie’s List, and others.

Numerous nations have universally useful or specialty look engines launched locally to address the issues of that nations’ populace.

Additionally, new types of inquiry are likewise developing quickly, including voice seek (voice-driven hunt), and in addition look at the application situations.

All web crawlers utilize calculations to endeavor to give the most pertinent outcomes to every searcher, considering the inquiry catchphrases utilized as well as the searcher’s area, gadget, working framework, past pursuit conduct, and even character. The better a particular look calculation for paid or natural (unpaid) comes about is, the more joyful the searcher is with the outcomes. Since web indexes seek the consideration, eyeballs, and ears of searchers, there is an awesome motivating force for steady change and advancement.

To use the power contained inside this focused on movement source, advertisers must see how to successfully utilize both paid and natural SEM and have sensible assumptions about what they can anticipate that every technique will accomplish.

Web search tool movement is novel in the accompanying ways:

Internet searcher movement is a non-nosy technique for digital marketing. The dominant part of on the web and disconnected promoting interfere with the gathering of people, intruding on its flow exercises. Pursuit is exceptional in tapping a searcher at the correct minute he or she is looking for information or an answer. Searchers are on a mission – its “in the nick of time advertising”.

How it works

Web index movement begins from intentional, gathering of people driven pursuit behavior. This implies the guests from list items connect (or generally occupied with list items) have not just chosen your substance (interface, picture, video or other configuration) from among your associates, however, picked the hunt question that brought about your substance (advertisement or natural) being appeared.

“Natural” web crawler marketing (organic seek postings) joins the accepted procedures of inventiveness, innovation, convenience, duplicate, and online advancement/PR. This is on the grounds that numerous web indexes construct their significance calculations in light of a blend of the content they see on a page, webpage, video, or picture and consolidate the substance data with outside components, for example, connections and client.

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