Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to as a form of marketing which involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility in the search engine results. In the United States, most advertisers spend approximately & 24.6 billion on search engine marketing. This essay is about tips or solutions that can be used by search engine marketers to maximize their advertisement results.

Keyword selection

In most cases, a business brand with a lot of marketing dollars will outbid the incoming small brands in the paid search engine. This will ensure that they will always appear in the search engine more often than the smaller brands because they can manage to pay high. Also, when you use long keywords as one of your strategies will make you become less targeted and cheaper. The long tail keyword will also make you less competitive because most people search using less key worlds. Therefore, choosing a good keyword to be your strategy will make you competitive in the search engine market. Also, as a business person, you will also save money associated with charges of long tail keywords which have match types and contain some negativity and this is one way to reduce you from wasting too much money. Thus, you will reduce expenses and maximize profit.

Geographical/Day parting

For you to remain competitive against big brands in this industry, it is important to consider localization matters. For example, if your information is targeting to address a certain city, it would be wise to restrict your geographical target groups. Thus, you will limit your keywords to that city instead of showing it around the country. Another thing is to limit the time of the day in which you run your ads. You can do this by running your ads when you can make more conversion which will help you remain competitive with other firms.

Ad extension

You can increase your sales by adding ads to your information. This means that if you are advertising on your website, you can add other ads such as reviews since Google offers this option. If you restrict your ad to only one product that you are marketing in eth search engine, you might limit your chances of making more sales. It is, therefore, advisable to be initiative and creative to widen your chances of making a profit through more sales. Thus, you can offer as much information as you want, although the information ought to be different. By applying this technique, you will remain competitive in the search engine market.

Enticing and engaging an Ad copy

At times, to outbid competitive firms and get more clicks in the search engine may not be an option. However, you can have more ways to remain competitive such as enticing an ad copy; this will involve you writing an alluring add copy which would help capture more searchers. In this case, you will need to be a good researcher and have good positioning statement which will entice more clients and click on your ads. You can do this by trying to have unique keywords that will impress the reader. Also, you can have a variety of such copies so as to increase the number of sales in the search engine markets. Having a variety of advertisement might make some clients click on one of your ads and might think of checking on your other copies and this strategy will help you to market more.

Looking beyond Google

In most case, new advertisers have a thought that Google is the only paid search engine worldwide. Although Google is the most famous and thus the most expensive search engine in the world, there are other competitive search engines brands. Google attract more customers and thus have traffics since most people search information from it. You can try other cost-effective and less competitive search engine to market your products. For example, you can consider running your ads in a search engine like the Bing Network. The search engine is also competitive but offers the service charges at lower costs. You can take advantage of the fewer costs charged to advertise your products and maximize your profit. You can also look at other search engines like the Look Smart advert marketplace.

The search engine is less expensive although the quality of search engine declines as compared to that of Google; but it would be wise to advertise your products from these less competitive search engines if you notice that in Google search engine you are not competitive and spend your day/week/months with less or no clickers. Another thing you can do is to consider using both Google search engine and other less competitive search engines to market your products. You will gain more skills in your work and this can be one strategy to market more.


In conclusion, search engine marketing is on the rise worldwide. People earn a living by marketing their content/products through the search engine to have more clickers thus sell more. There are different tips that you can apply to remain competitive with the big brand companies with a lot of marketing dollars. Try to apply the discussed solutions/tips and you will not regret; the strategies will help you to remain competitive in the firm.


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